The South and Eastern Europe Market Technicians Association – SEEMT is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and understanding of technical analysis and its role within behavioral finance as a vital investment tool. It aims to serve all members of the investment community, from the investment industry professional to interested members of the public.

Our vision is to be the leading organization for technical analysis in the Balkan region, promoting the highest standards of professional excellence and fostering a vibrant community of technical analysts.

The goal of The South and Eastern Europe Market Technicians Association is to advance the study and practice of technical analysis, and to support the professional development of our members.

We aim to achieve this goal by:

Providing education and training: We are offering a range of educational programs, including seminars, workshops, and online courses, to help our members develop their technical analysis skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the field.
Promoting research and innovation: We support research and innovation in technical analysis, and encourage our members to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field. We will also promote the use of new technologies and tools to enhance the practice of technical analysis.
Fostering a community of technical analysts: We will create opportunities for our members to network, share knowledge and experiences, and collaborate on projects and initiatives. We will also provide a platform for technical analysts to connect with other professionals in related fields, such as finance, economics, and data science.
Advocating for the profession: We advocate for the recognition and respect of technical analysis as a legitimate and valuable discipline, and promote the adoption of best practices and ethical standards in the field. We will also work to raise public awareness of the benefits of technical analysis for investors, traders, and other market participants.
By pursuing these goals, we believe that The South and Eastern Europe Market Technicians Association can make a significant contribution to the growth and development of the technical analysis profession in the Balkan region, and help our members achieve their professional goals and aspirations.

History of the Association

The SEEMT Association was founded in 2023 in Skopje, Macedonia from a team of chartered market technicians with wide experience in technical analysis and market analysis, quantitative systems, algorithmic trading, marketing, sales, trading and management in a variety of products and services including FX, Futures, Options, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and Banking services.

Snezhana, the president of the SEEMT Association is a passionate and dedicated technical analyst who was determined to establish the association. Her enthusiasm for this endeavor is unmatched as she strongly believes in the importance of technical analysis in today’s business landscape. Snezhana’s vision is to create a strong community of professionals who can share knowledge, expertise, and insights to enhance the field of technical analysis in the Balkan region. Her relentless commitment and drive serve as an inspiration to others, motivating them to join the association and contribute to its growth. Through her leadership and unwavering passion, Snezhana is poised to make a lasting impact in promoting the association and its objectives to a wider audience.


The SEEMT is a developing associate with The International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). The International Federation of Technical Analysts was incorporated in 1986 and is a global organization of market analysis societies and associations. IFTA is an international non-profit organization with member societies in 26 countries. The International Federation of Technical Analysts offers certification to technical analysts around the world. IFTA provides a worldwide Professional Technical Analysts certification, called CFTe I and CFTe II as well as the Master of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA).

SEEMT Board members

Snezhana Popovska

President of SEEMT


Miroslav Gnjatovic

Head of Serbia Chapter


Matej Reisman

Head of Slovenia Chapter


Artan Gjergji

Head of Albania Chapter


Zdenko Grdjan

Head of Croatia Chapter



Lovelesh Sharma

Head of Education


Emma Jakimova

Marketing Director


Honorary members

Trevor Neil, FSTA, MCSI, ACI- UK

Director at BETA Group, London, UK


Borce Trenovski

Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Skopje



  1. SEEMT members and Affiliates must maintain at all times the highest standards of professional conduct. Implicit in the requirements is strict compliance with the laws of the national and the local governance which have jurisdiction over the analysts’ professional activities.
  2.  Members and Affiliates abide by all rules issued and approved by its Board of Directors
  3. Members and Affiliates shall not publish or make statements which they know or have reason to believe that is inaccurate or misleading. Members and Affiliates shall avoid leading others to believe that their technically-derived views of future security price behavior reflect foreknowledge rather than estimates and projections subject to reexamination and, as events may dictate, to change.
  4. Members and Affiliates shall not give any technical recommendations unless such recommendations are based on the available evidence and accumulated knowledge in the field of financial technical analysis.
  5. Members and Affiliates shall not publish or make statements, which indefensibly disparage and discredit the work of others or criticize others in a personal manner.
  6. Members and Affiliates are RESTRICTED to give any technical analysis courses without the written permission from the board of directors of the SEEMT Association.
  7. Members and Affiliates shall not promote trading or what they are doing or any kind of aggressive signals service and scammy schemes.
  8. Members and Affiliates should fully respect these rules as they represent SEEMT.